Sunday, June 24, 2018

Writing That Works

  • The foundations of effective business writing are simplicity and accuracy
  • emails: 
    • subjects are adequate
    • use positive tone
    • get to the point quickly and write only what's relevant
    • etiquette is key
    • be explicit about your questions and requests
  • well-structured and focused presentations and speeches
    • engage your audience
    • finish with small memorable notes
    • use titles that builds anticipation
  • Drive people to action with clear plan and reports
    • purpose statement
    • facts
    • recommendations
    • purpose of the report should be clear and interesting
  • Speak to your reader's desire and concerns
    • State what you want and offer your reasoning after the facts
    • demonstrate your competence with background information
    • grab reader's attention 
  • Write a summary in bold
  • Edit and format your final product
    • cut out anything you think is not essential 
    • is the order correct
    • fact check
    • give yourself enough time between drafts, and have another person review 
    • format for smooth and appealing experience

How to: Write documentation

Questions to ask:

  • Does the document fulfill its purpose?
  • Is anything missing?
  • Can anything be taken out?
  • What questions will the reader have? And answer them.
  • Is the writing easy to understand?

Also Check:

  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Grammar
  • Word choice
  • Spelling

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Writing That Works