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As I am preparing myself to achieve Microsoft MCSD Certificate I fill in this page any usefull observations and tips.


Yesterday morning I passed the exam in very short time (about an hour).
Amazingly, most of the questions were very familiar and the hints people provided earlier has been very helpful.

And a magor help from ExamCollection:


According to Microsoft the course 20481A  takes only 5 days!
Sample Course Overview
All the sites refer to the same contents:

Overview of the Windows 8 Platform and Windows Store Apps
_ Introduction to the Windows 8 Platform
_ Windows 8 User Interface Principles
_ WinRT and Language Projections

Single-Page Applications and the MVVM Design Pattern
_ Single-Page Apps
_ The MVVM Design Pattern

Using WinJS
_ The WinJS Library
_ WinJS APIs

Implementing Layout using Windows 8 Built-In Controls
_ Windows 8 Layout Controls
_ Implementing Templates
_ The AppBar Control
_ Snap and Scale
_ Lab : Implementing Layout using Windows 8 Built-In Controls
_ Implement an AppBar Control
_ Create Adaptive Views
_ Create a Template Control

Presenting Data
_ Working with Data Presentation Controls
_ The ListView Control

Handling Files in Windows Store Apps
_ Handling Files and Streams in Windows Store apps
_ Working with File User Interface Components

Windows Store App Process Lifetime Management
_ Process Lifetime Management
_ Launching Windows Store Apps
_ Implementing State Management Strategy

Designing and Implementing Navigation in a Windows Store App
_ Handling Navigation in Windows Store apps
_ Semantic Zoom

Implementing Windows 8 Contracts
_ Designing for Charms and Contracts
_ The Search Contract
_ The Share Contract
_ Managing App Settings and Preferences

Implementing Tiles and User Notifications
_ Implementing Tiles, Live Tiles, Secondary Tiles, and Badge Notifications
_ Implementing Toast Notifications

Designing and Implementing a Data Access Strategy
_ Evaluating Data Access Strategies
_ Working with Remote Data

Responding to Mouse, Keyboard and Touch
_ Working with Mouse Events
_ Working with Gesture Events

Planning for Windows Store App Deployment
_ The Windows Store App Manifest
_ Windows Store App Certification
_ Enterprise App Deployment

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